I Found A Tomb While Rock Climbing. Abuna Yemata Guh, Ethiopia

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Hey Climbers,

Here’s a wild episode from my personal travel/adventure vlog. I went out to the Tigray region to do a little bit of rock climbing. While climbing around an area near (but not at) the famous cave church of Abuna Yemata Guh, I found some tombs. My guess is that many people want to be buried as close to the church as possible. It was an interesting discovery, I did not disturb the tombs, and I left donated gear for the Tigray guide association. If you’re sensitive about seeing old tombs (e.g. like Paris catacombs), then feel free to skip!

On a different note, I finished editing this before the recent Ethiopian Airlines crash. I have to say that I thought their international aircraft were really well maintained and the airline was among the best I’ve experienced. I know some people will be scared off from Ethiopia, but I hope this inspires a few others to go.

Also, thanks again to all Ontario climbers who donated gear. I left it in Tigray as you can see at the end of the episode!


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