Rock Climber Gift Pack
Rock Climber Gift PackRock Climber Gift Pack

Rock Climber’s Gift Pack


The perfect gift pack for a rock climber!


The perfect gift for a rock climber!  Put it in a basket for extra pizzazz!  The gift pack includes:

  • 1 Crimp mug, hold courtesy of Ontoro Climbing).  Sorry, we can try but can’t promise a specific colour
  • 1 pair of lightweight belay glasses, complete with neck straps and a case you can clip onto your harness.  No more belayer’s neck!
  • 1 unbreakable climbing brush – a strong neck on the handle means you’ll never break the brush while sitting on your chalk bag (specify if you want metal for indoor gyms, or nylon for indoor/outdoor)
  • 1 tin of Chosspile hand repair cream
  • 1 climbing hold keychain (courtesy of Ontoro Climbing)
  • Ontario Rock Climbing Stickers (Ontario Rock Climbing, Niagara Glen, Lion’s Head)!

Not included but recommended to add:  Ontario Rock Climbing guidebook!


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