The below crags are closed.  Do not climb at them!

Campden Crag: CLOSED (Niagara Conservation Authority)
Belfountain: CLOSED (Private property)
Crag X: CLOSED (Private property)
Elora Gorge (Rock): CLOSED (Grand River Conservation Authority)
Milton Heights: CLOSED
Nemo South: CLOSED
Punk Rock: CLOSED
Rockwood: CLOSED (Grand River Conservation Authority)
Sunset Rock: CLOSED
Osprey Bluffs: CLOSED (Provincial Nature Reserve)

Pinnacle Rock: CLOSED
Young’s Crag: CLOSED
Bruce Caves: CLOSED (Grey Sauble Conservation Authority -GSCA)
Bruce Peninsula National Park: CLOSED (Bruce Peninsula National Park) Permitted only at Halfway Log Dump within the park.
Cabot Head: CLOSED
Harrison Park North: CLOSED (Private Property)
Harrison Park South: CLOSED
Mallory Beach: CLOSED (Private Property)
Popcorn Rock: CLOSED (GSCA)
Skinner’s Bluff: CLOSED (GSCA)