Crag X Rock Climbing Area

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Crag X existed only in lore for several years in the Ontario climbing scene.  Its name whispered in gyms while its whereabouts unknown, many sought to climb there.  We can verify that Crag X is a real crag.  However, it’s access status is CLOSED, meaning that no should be climbing there.  Regardless, here are a few tidbits about Crag X:

  • It’s a decent crag in the rain
  • It’s located relatively close to Mount Nemo
  • You have to climb strong.  Don’t climb there if you’re not a solid 5.12 climber.
  • The approach entrance is easy to find – in fact, you can see it on Google Street View
  • The hike in requires a little bushwhacking, including hunting for a rope to descend with

Again, the crag is CLOSED, but that’s OK!  With all the new development at Mount Nemo, thanks to routesetters and the Halton Region Conservation Authority (HRCA), there’s plenty of alternatives!

Hopefully, at some point in the future, Crag X will open for all climbers to enjoy!