Lion’s Head Climber’s Impact Concerns

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Lion’s Head is an ecologically sensitive area, and an absolutely pristine looking one.  Unfortunately, some serious concerns have been raised this year over climber impact, which may affect impact.  This is a shame as Lion’s Head has seen some great development and new classics put up – a number of awesome routes at Windy City and Titan wall come to mind.

The problem with Lion’s Head, unlike other crags, is that garbage at the base of the cliff tends to stay there.  Whereas it’s easy to organize a cleanup day at easy access crags like Baldy, Lion’s Head isn’t quite as easy.  Its location makes it more of a weekend trip rather than a day trip, the hike and rappel takes at minimum 30 minutes, and most climbers wouldn’t want to make head all the way to  Lion’s Head and make a day out of cleaning up, packing up garbage, and hauling it out.

As difficult as that sounds, something still has to be done.  Off the top of my head, I would suggest to join the Ontario Access Coalition first.  An organized group is much better at organizing a massive cleanup, or even raising money to pay a few climbers to do the cleanup.  Other than that, I recommend that if you do climb at Lion’s Head, and are at the base, please make a point to pack up a few extra cans on your way out.  They don’t weigh a whole lot, and you can tie them to the outside of your pack in a plastic bag.  Every little bit counts!

As for the bikes that some people threw off the cliff a few years ago…