Affordable Rock Climbing Belay Glasses For Sale

In All by Ontario Rock Climbing

Dear Friends/Backers,

Climbing season has come and that means long, outdoor routes and the dreaded “belayer’s neck!“. Whether it be your partner fiddling with gear on a long, trad route or he/she just won’t give up trying a crux on a short sport route, long bouts of looking up can lead to some pretty bad neck pain. Since our neck muscles are tightly connected to our shoulders, climbing only makes the matter worse. As a result, we leave the gym or crag sometimes with neck pain so severe, the only thing on our minds is seeing a massage therapist to loosen up the knots.

If you’ve climbed long enough, neck strain can also be so bad one has to take a “neck break” while belaying, meaning you’re not looking up your climbing partner… unsafe!

Long story short, I’ve sourced some affordable belay glasses. They’re lightweight and have a low profile, allowing peripheral viewing so you can do some things like move to a better belaying position or quickly free up stuck rope. They come with neck straps and a hardshell case that clips to your harness.

For one week, I’m putting them up for sale for only $35 CAD. Click here to get a pair!

Happy climbing!