Old Baldy – Watch Our For Falling Rocks!

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It’s awesome that the Ontario Access Coalition obtained access to Old Baldy and had it re-opened for climbing.  We were more than thrilled to go there and climb some classics as well as a handful of new routes.  Unfortunately, we went during Thanksgiving long weekend, and on more than one occasion, rocks and even a water bottle fell beside us.

There is some small signage about rock climbing at the trailhead that’s easily overlooked, so many hikers head to the cliffs unaware.  And, especially on Thanksgiving long weekend, families with small children were there.  Kids were throwing rocks, not knowing we were down below.  We shouted back, and parents profusely apologized to us.

Definitely, some permanent signage needs to be erected .  It doesn’t have to be on the scale of Mount Nemo’s giant information board, but perhaps a sign like the one I drafted above for this post (Ontario Access Coalition: feel free to use it!).  In the meantime, if you’re climbing at Old Baldy, it’s a good idea to wear a helmet.




  1. Amazing idea! I put it to the OAC over a year ago after my wife and I were almost clobbered by a 6 ft. log. The sign needs to be where the trail meets the cliff. No one reads the trail head signs and with so many notices something so important is easily missed. I hope someone doesn’t have to get seriously hurt before a simple sign is put up. Thanks to everyone who puts effort into our cliffs, even if it’s just packing out someone else’s garbage.

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