Jack Szumilas Sends Dead Stuff (V9) At The Niagara Glen!

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Watch Niagara Glen guidebook co-author and silent crusher Jack Szumilas send Dead Stuff (V9) smoothly at the Sandstone Cave in the Niagara Glen! On a quiet fall day after finishing off our guidebook work at the Land of Oz, we headed down to the Sandstone Cave to make a video of Jack Szumilas sending Dead Stuff.   We set up a bunch of phones and flashlights to illuminate the dark cave, and he easily linked this long bouldering problem from start to finish.  Make sure you watch it through (unless you don’t want the beta) to see him do the “spin move” flawlessly!   What’s interesting is that Jack silently sent it a few days before without the camera rolling, so this repeat was done just for the video.  STRONG.